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As a visual artist, the challenge I face and have always tried to reflect in my artworks is how much each of us has been influenced by the community and the environment around us. Instability creates many challenges in society. In the dialectic of our minds, we expect things to go in an explicit direction, but our expectations suddenly crash. In Iran, severe instability has affected our personal choices and reached a new level. This instability affects the lives of women more than the rest of society that causes many conflicts and inequalities about women's rights, which has created an unfavorable situation for them in society. Women who are struggling to establish their identities in today's patriarchal society are afraid that all their efforts will waste at any moment. Increasing instability can lead people to change alternative plans and decisions. These changes, however, still do not live up to their expectations and therefore lead to more frustration.

Over the past few years, my artworks have been influenced by the constant silence and meditative atmosphere of remote places where I have lived. After ten years of living in Tehran, as the busiest city in Iran, special conditions have led to the simplification of the structure of my work. In this way, literature, especially Rumi's poems, has influenced not only my artworks but also my way of life. I think his poems, in addition to their comprehensive ontology, are very visual. My observations and experiences in these different places are a collection of visual, auditory, and mental reactions to different situations. It is like recording moments. These perceptions have no draft and are a temporary recording.

In my recent video art project, titled Alternative, I have been looking for a lot of challenges and ideas that have come to my mind to get closer to women's identity and gender performativity. Video art and the camera give me more opportunities to express my concerns than other mediums; however, I usually choose a medium in different situations that helps me get closer to the depth of my ideas. Drawing as an easily accessible medium has always been attractive to me through which I can communicate better with others. Drawing is a tool to better express my inner self. I draw almost every day which has become a part of my daily life. 

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