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My artistic practice addresses the fractured existence and reclaims the silenced narratives of marginalized communities impacted by human rights violations. Utilizing video as a central medium, I transcend its materiality to facilitate an ongoing discourse on pivotal societal issues, including women's rights, the complexities of belonging, diasporic identity formation, geographical significance, and the articulation of alternative historical narratives. Concurrently, my installations and sculptural works complement and further develop the thematic explorations initiated within my video oeuvre.


In my exploration of narratives, I delve into the depiction of my body merging through my performances with the patriarchal structure.  Engaging in performance for the camera deepens my connection to my body, simultaneously strengthening it. This enables me to further explore my comprehension of the intersectionality of my identity, the cultural background that defines me, and the creative expression that I pursue. This objective involves negotiating the intricate interaction that exists between the female body and the theological and political patriarchy.

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